the sea isn't rising, the ground is sinking

for soprano, saxophone, piano, percussion & live-electronics (2017)

Objets à réaction poétique

for chamber orchestra (2015-16)

the more perfect is the more immaterial

for flute, contrabass clarinet, lupophone, contraforte, piano, harp, violin & cello (2016)

presence, absence, degree

for accordion & live-electronics (2015)

Colours are like memories of other colours

for string octet & fixed-media playback (2014)

qui, dove mezzo son...

for flute solo & chamber ensemble (2014)

Le Détour Permet le Retour

for string quartet, live-electronics & video projections (2013)

Feuille Volante

for solo alto flute

Infinite Regress

for chamber ensemble (2011)

How do you Express 'x'?

for flute, viola & harp (2011)


for solo guitar (2010)

With my limbs in the dark

for chamber ensemble, live-electronics & dancer (2009)


for fixed-media (2007)

Seven steps from the top to the bottom of a waterfall

for flute, clarinet, violin & piano

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