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Acoustic Aggregate Synthesis describes a real-time performance tool which attempts to fuse synthetic and acoustic sound sources in order to achieve a semi-acoustic re-synthesis of a pre-defined acoustic model. At the heart of this project is the desire to maintain the diffusion patterns, attack/sustain/release characteristics, acoustic amplification etc. of a given instrument whilst 'overriding' its timbral characteristics in favour of the creation of a contrasting, readily identifiable, secondary timbre.
The project was begun in 2010 and has been ongoing since then. Notably, considerable progress was made during a six-month residency at IRCAM, during which time I collaborated closely with Adrien Mani-Mamou, René Caussé, Benny Sluchin, Allain Billard et al.

Video presentation of the project (in French)

Using the interface



These examples show attempts, which are of varying success, to recreate target timbres. It should be noted that the target timbre is, in the case of these examples, only partially 'corrected' for diffusion inside the instrument, i.e., the capacity of the acoustic instrument to amplify/attenuate certain components is not taken into account. Many thanks to Allain Billard & Benny Sluchin for their participation in these tests.

bass clarinet → bassoon

bass clarinet → trombone

bass clarinet → horn

bass clarinet → cello

bass clarinet → accordion

Making instrument-templates






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